Colorado Flood and Wildfire Awareness Week

In 2013 Colorado experienced the twin disasters of wildfires and floods on an especially large scale.  Now, it is time to take the lessons learned from these disasters and prepare for this year, as summer — fire and flood season — is just a few months away.  Therefore, this week has been designated Colorado Flood and Wildfire Awareness Week.  Both the Colorado Office of Emergency Management and NOAA have prepared instructional resources for Colorado citizens to learn about preparing for floods and fires — click on the hyperlinks for information from each agency.

In addition, you can find a great deal of information on Colorado fires and floods in our library.  Search our web catalog for resources, including information on the 2013 fires and floods, such as the Wildfire Insurance and Forest Health Task Force Report, issued in September 2013.  Check back often, as new reports on the 2013 floods are being issued and will be cataloged by our library as they become available.