Colorado Energy: Looking to the Past for the Future

Today, we hear so much about “green” living and energy conservation. Back in the late 1970s/early 1980s, Colorado experienced an energy crisis, and as a result, the state published many informational publications regarding saving energy. Some of the titles done back then, but still highly relevant today, include:

  • Practical Energy Management for Apartments
  • Taming High Energy Costs
  • Renewable Resources in Colorado
  • How to Weatherstrip and Caulk
  • The Solar Handbook
  • Your Energy Efficient Car
  • Understanding the Skyrocketing Cost of Energy: You Can’t Afford Not To
  • Home Management Tips to Cut Energy Costs
  • Insulating the Home
  • Cut your Home Lighting Expenses
  • Storm Windows and Doors
  • How to Cut your Hot Water Expenses
  • Wood for Home Heating
  • The Economics of Solar Heating

Of course, we have many up-to-date publications as well, including those produced by Governor Ritter’s Energy Office. Search the term “energy” in our web catalog for publications.

So what did Coloradans 30 years ago predict about the future of energy conservation in our state? Check out these historical publications to find out:

  • Energy Issues in Colorado’s Future (1980)
  • Exploring Energy Sources for the Future (1974)
  • Future Energy Alternatives for Colorado (1976)
  • Water and Energy in Colorado’s Future (1980)
  • The Colorado Energy Conservation Plan (1977)