Civil War 150th Anniversary

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, which officially ended the Civil War.  Approximately 600,000 troops were killed during the four years of the war.  Although Colorado was far away from the majority of the battles, the territory did contribute to the war as fought in the West, particularly through the participation of the Colorado Volunteers in New Mexico, where they fought against Confederate Texans.

In our library you can find a number of resources, both memoirs and secondary sources, on the Civil War in Colorado.  Selected resources include:



  • “Freedom and Slavery in the Pikes Peak Country, 1859-61,” by William J. Convery, Colorado Heritage, Nov/Dec 2011.
  • “Dearfield, A Dream Deferred,” by Karen Waddell, Colorado Heritage, 1998, issue 2.
  • Colorado Heritage, Spring 1996 issue on Buffalo Soldiers
  • Negro Rights in Colorado Territory, 1859-67,” by Harmon Mothershead, Colorado Magazine, July 1963.



  • “Abraham Lincoln in Colorado,” by William J. Convery, Colorado Heritage, May/June 2009.
  • “General John A. Logan:  A Name Remembered and Honored in Colorado,” by Robert E. Hartley, Colorado Heritage, Summer 2007.