Changes in Colorado Government

Next week, Colorado’s 42nd Governor, John Hickenlooper will be sworn in. His inauguration will be just one of many changes that will occur in state government. As current Governor Bill Ritter completes his final week in office, his website details some of his accomplishments during his 4 years in office, as well as his executive orders, letters and proclamations, speeches, press releases, and more. Although the website will disappear on January 11, our library retains much of the content, including all of the Executive Orders, budgets, and State of the State speeches. Other content will be saved by the State Archives. We also have captured and cataloged some of Ritter’s Accomplishment Reports. As Hickenlooper comes into office, we will begin saving these same materials from his administration, for future generations.

On Wednesday, the 2011 session of the Legislature will begin, with more than a quarter of the state’s lawmakers there for the very first time. The Colorado House, formerly held by the Democrats, now has the Republicans in the majority while the Senate retains the Democratic majority. For more information on this year’s legislative session, see the General Assembly’s homepage. Here you will be able to track bills, find contact information, and much more. The site includes an archive of bills from the past several years’ sessions, however, if you need older information, you can always contact us and we will be happy to research for you.

Finally, this year will be focused on the very important issue of redistricting, which happens following the census every 10 years. The process will be completed in 2012. You can find the reports for the past three decades’ redistricting by following these links: 2002 report; 1992 report; 1982 report. You can also visit our library to view House and Senate district maps from the 1982 reapportionment.