Changes Coming for Colorado Drivers

Under a new program called Colorado DRIVES (Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification, and Vehicle Enterprise Solution), the Division of Motor Vehicles will be implementing several changes that will affect Colorado drivers.

In April, the Division began rollout of a new driver’s license design.  The new design includes more security features, are laser-engraved, and utilize black-and-white photos instead of color.  Your current license will continue to be valid until its expiration date, at which time you will be issued the newly-designed license.

Colorado’s new driver’s license design

Also redesigned as part of Colorado DRIVES is the registration tag for newly-purchased vehicles.  This new design also enhances security, by including the VIN number, car make and model, year, and color, and other features that will ensure it is only used on the specific vehicle it is registered to.  The new registration tags will debut this month.  See the DMV website for more details.

The new design for temporary registrations

Finally, Colorado DRIVES aims to “improve customer service and meet the Governor’s goal of reducing wait times in state driver license offices to an average of 15 minutes,” according to the project website.  A quarterly report on the implementation of the new WaitLess technology is available from our library.