NRS Services Across Colorado

The Networking and Resource Sharing (NRS) unit supports Colorado libraries through a variety of technology-related services. The map below, while not a comprehensive representation of all that we do, is a visualization of our reach across Colorado’s public libraries. For more information about these and the other programs and services offered by the Colorado State Library, please visit the Colorado Virtual Library website.

This map is interactive: you can zoom in and out, click and drag to re-position, and click the markers for more information about each library. For even more features, view the full-sized map.


The colored markers indicate how many NRS services are connected to each public library.

White = 0 services (52 libraries)
Green = 1 service (115 libraries)
Yellow = 2 services (76 libraries)
Blue = 3 services (19 libraries)
Red = 4 services (1 library)

Services Represented

  • SWIFT: A statewide interlibrary loan (ILL) service. The SWIFT software is provided at no cost to participating libraries.
  • Colorado Online Libraries (CO Libraries): Website authoring, training, and hosting service, free of charge to eligible Colorado libraries.
  • Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC): A database of 199+ digitized historic Colorado newspapers. The map indicates which public libraries have contributed newspapers to CHNC.
  • Book Club Resource: Book club kits available to loan to Colorado libraries.
  • FindIT Colorado: A mobile app that connects Coloradans to online resources at participating public libraries.

*Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Visit Colorado Virtual Library to see more of what we do.

Bonus Tip!

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