COLibraries Levels of Service

The State Library works with COLibraries clients to determine which level best fits your needs. The decision for which level your needs will be based on the tech skills at your institution, website needs, and resources available.

[accordion openfirst=true clicktoclose=true tag=h2][accordion-item title=”Level 1″]

Fully supported web service.

For institutions with limited staff and financial resources.
We will provide assistance with creation, maintenance & design to assure your library a viable and useful web presence.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Level 2″]

Semi-supported web service

For institutions who want to explore managing their own site.

We will provide support, training and hosting. We will offer extensive training for institution that have moved beyond needing full web service support and can handle some management on their own.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Level 3″]

Fully Self-Managed web service

For institution who have or could move toward having the staff expertise and resources to independently manage a hosted site and platform.

We will help with training, guidance, and other assistance that may be needed to assure successful web presence for the library.