Water supply

Skiiers are not the only ones carefully watching the snow totals up in the high country. Winter snow amounts have a great effect on the water supply for Colorado communities. The Colorado Water Conservation Board has released a draft report from the Statewide Water Supply Initiative which identifies Colorado’s current and future water needs, and provides recommendations and strategies to meet those needs. Colorado’s population is projected to nearly double by 2050. Passive conservation will not be able to meet future water needs. The SWSI report has 16 recommendations for addressing the predicted gap between needs and water supply, along with the following objectives:

  • Meet Municipal and Industrial Demands
  • Meet Agricultural Demands
  • Meet Colorado’s Environmental and Recreational Demands
  • Promote Cooperation Between Water Supply Planners and Land User Planners
  • Promote More Cooperation Among all Colorado Water Users
  • Optimize Existing and Future Water Supplies
  • Promote Cost-Effectiveness
  • Minimize the Net Energy Used to Supply Water
  • Protect Cultural Values Linked to Water Resources
  • Provide Operational Flexibility and Coordinated Infrastructure
  • Promote Increased Fairness When Water is Moved Between Areas
  • Comply with all Applicable Laws and Regulations
  • Educate all Coloradoans on the Importance and Scarcity of Water

The full report and recommendations of the Statewide Water Supply Initiative can be found on the Water Conservation Board website.

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