Go Fish!

It’s fishing season! Now that the days are getting nicer, it’s great to spend time outdoors. If you like fishing, there are many good sources of information from the Colorado Division of Wildlife. You can find valuable information online, and we have fishing guides and maps available to check out from our library.

  • 2007 Colorado Fishing (Fishing Regulations and Property Directory) –A directory of rules and restrictions for individual fishing spots across Colorado. Also available for lending at the CoSPL (NR6.44/2007)
  • Colorado Fishing Map (NR 6.29/F52/1999)
  • Fishing Close to Home (NR6.2/F52/2006/2) –A guide to the lakes and streams along the central front range open to public fishing. Includes an identification guide and pointers on catching and cleaning fish.
  • Fishing Colorado Hot Spots
  • 2007 Fish Distribution schedule (NR6/230.10/2007) – A list of species and stocking numbers for Colorado streams, lakes, ponds, etc.
  • How to Catch Trout (NR6.2/T75/1991) –Tips on trout fishing, where to go, fly tying, etc.
  • Species Identification

For young fisher-folk, check out the “ 101 places to take a kid fishing” web site, and “Martin the Martian Learns to Fish” a comic book put out by the Division of Wildlife. (NR6.2/M36/1987)
Follow Martin the Martian as he learns why humans fish; a brief history of fishing; what equipment, bait, and clothing fishers need; how to think like a fish; common fish species in the state; and how to cast, catch, clean, store, and cook a fish.

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