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Many libraries charge overdue fines because of three main assumptions:

  • Fines bring back materials faster (and at all)
  • Fines generate revenue for the library
  • Fines teach responsibility

Published research and a growing amount of recent evidence show that, actually, none of these assumptions are true—at all!

Overdue fines do, though, have a significant impact on patrons:

  • Overdue fines disproportionately impact patrons with lower incomes, as transportation and financial burdens disproportionately affect low-income residents
  • Parents are reluctant to check out books for their children for fear of fines
  • Patrons with high overdue fines often have their library cards blocked

For these reasons, more and more libraries around the country—and the world—are eliminating fines. Take a look at the impressive map below noting libraries that have gone partially or totally fine free!

If you want to learn more about going fine-free or are actively trying to eliminate fines, here are some resources that may be helpful. You can find research and articles, some recent examples of reports and visuals from libraries that have recently gone fine-free, and a template and example of an infographic that you can customize for your library to use a tool for your governing body, staff, community and other stakeholders to advocate for eliminating fines.

If you have questions about this topic or need additional information, please contact Beth Crist, crist_b@cde.state.co.us.

Infographic Templates.

These two infographic templates can help you get started on collecting data and stories to present to your governing body, public, staff, and other stakeholders, in order to make your case for eliminating overdue fines. Select whichever template best fits with data you’ve collected, your situation, or simply your preference.
Infographic Examples.

These examples demonstrate a sample of completed infographics, using the above templates.

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It’s Not Fine to Fine. (2019). https://www.itsnotfinetofine.com/. (a website dedicated to removing library fines in Australia)

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