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In February, we typically think of President’s Day or Valentine’s day, however, there are many more events to recognize and celebrate. February is also Black History Month which originated from the work of Carter G. Woodson in 1925. Read more at Civil Rights and for information on how to honor Black History Month with your students, read the post below, Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month.

AND there’s more – Yesterday, was National Inventors Day in honor of Thomas Edison’s birthday, born on February 11, 1847. Thomas Edison, possibly the most prolific and famous inventor in American history, held more than 1,000 patents for inventions, though his most famous invention by far was the light bulb. View the post below  – Encourage Student Inventors and also check out other less know events on the February calendar at the Teachers Corner.


What is your favorite app? Please share your favorite applications or websites that you use with students at What’s Your App?  Watch for your submission to be featured in APP NEWS  soon!

Reduce eyestrain for you and your students – Protect Your Eyes with Chrome Extensions  – posted at TCEA Blogs by amazing educator, Miguel Guhlin

Additional digital learning resources/apps can be found at CVL  Digital Literacy

Encourage Student Inventors

Although Kid Inventor Day was on January 17th (celebrating Ben Franklin’s birthday), we should encourage students creativity and ingenuity every day. Check out Ideas for Kid Inventors and the links below for ideas on kids, creativity, and inventions – Oh My!

Start With a Book  –  Children’s books and activities for creativity and inventions
Read fiction and nonfiction books
Try some hands-on activities
Build writing skills with these fun ideas
Dig deeper with kid-friendly websites
Play and learn with mobile apps

Flipgrid Genius Hour

Learn more ways to amplify student voice with FlipGrid! Join FlipGrid on February  27th at 6pm (MT) Flipgrid Feature: #GridGuide Genius Hour! Register at Splash That

Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month

28 Ways to Celebrate
Kiddom’s Blog with Curated Lesson Plans
FlipGrid A Celebration of Voice
Primary Sources for Teachers

Nina Simone is said to be one of the most passionate, most outspoken, and most gifted musicians that used her music to advance the cause of the civil rights movement. This song, written in 1967, by jazz pianist and educator Dr. Billy Taylor (and Dick Dallas), was recorded by Simone that same year. It quickly became one of the musical mainstays of the movement.

Digital Transformation Trends in Education

EdTech Trends for 2019 from Eduporium

Student-led Learning, Soft Skills, and Educator Micro-Credentialing

InnEdCO 2019 Register NOW!

InnEdCO is thrilled to announce that A.J. Juliani will be the 2019 InnEdCO Conference keynote! Read more about AJ’s work and join InnEdCO on Twitter at #InnEdCO19 to share what you hope to experience this summer!

What Does Data Big Tech Know About You?

Entrepreneur magazine article What Does Big Tech Know About You, Basically Everything.  features an infographic created by Security Baron that examines the privacy policies of Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft. Find out what big tech knows about you at  Big Tech Info

TED Talks for Educators

Rita Pierson was an educator all her life. She is no longer with us, but her words resonate our purpose as educators. If you’ve haven’t heard Rita speak, grab a tissue, and listen closely. If you have seen this Ted Talk, watch it again to remind yourself why we are educators. Rita states, “Every kid deserves a champion.”  We are in a tough field, keep up the good fight, and continue to encourage students and each other.

NICERC  Cyber Education Discovery Forum Coming to COLORADO!

ON June 25 -27, 2019, (Omni Interlocken Hotel, Broomfield, CO) the Cyber Education Discovery Forum (CEDF), a  professional development forum designed to address the growing national shortage of cyber professionals. Attendees will learn programming languages they’ve never attempted before, turning piles of parts into working robots, explore the implications of living in an internet-connected world and uncover new ways of thinking that will empower students to tackle complex problems with confidence. WOW!

Colorado educators are invited to attend for only $50 per. There are also $400 travel grants available for teachers to apply. For more information, visit NICERC at CEDF

Deadline approaching – Free Elementary Computer Science Training

Computer Science Ed Grant – Apply Now!  Deadline is February 28, 2019.
Two Options:
Regional Training – Colorado School of Mines
District-determined through BootUp or mindSpark Learning

FETC & TCEA 2019 Highlights!

If you missed these excellent conferences this month, here are some highlights with more to come:

FETC  Newsletter  and How to be a Tech-Ready School Leader
Sal Khan at FETC
TCEA ShakeUp Learning 
EDTech Magazine on TCEA
TCEA 2019 Blog 

Give Yourself Some Love!  Attend the Best Educator Social PD in Colorado!

Join one or both  #COllapporative opportunities for networking and learning!   Meeting dates are below along with links to register.  Visit #COllapporative  for more information to join the learning and fun.
Thursday, February 21st Register here – Southern Colorado
Tuesday, February 26th, Register here – Denver Tech Center

Motivating Students with Book Choice

Edutopia Launches Video Series How Learning Happens

The series explores teaching practices grounded in the science of learning and human development. The videos highlight the importance of a safe, nurturing school environment and positive relationships with peers and adults. Strong relationships with educators help students develop the cognitive skills they need to learn and thrive.

Education Blogs for 2019

This year follow an educational blog and learn what other educators are doing!

FlipGrid Blog & Newsletter 

TeacherCast – Jeff Bradbury  Podcasts, News, Updates, STEM Tutorials and More!

Doodle for Google Contest for Students!

The contest is open for entries until March 18, 2019, 8:00 pm Pacific Time (PT).  Contest info at Doodle


2/15  Teacher Librarian Day
2/16  TPS Comics Workshop
2/16-2/17    EdTech Team Co Springs
2/21   Southern Colorado COllapporative at the MiLL
2/22-2/23   iLearn 2019 Conference
2/22  Colorado Environmental Film Festival
2/25  DUE – IMLS Grant Application
2/26   COllapporative at Denver Tech Center
3/9     EdCamp Colorado Springs
4/13   Colorado Teen Lit Conference
4/27-4/28   EdTech Team Summit Aspen, Colorado
6/6      P-12 CS Conference Adams 12 
6/10-6/13    InnEdCO 2019
6/23-6/26   ISTE Philadelphia
6/25-6/27   NICERC Cyber Education Discovery Forum
7/7-7/10      2019 CSTA Annual Conference

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