Growing Readers Together: Quick Bites Webinar Series Returns in April

Mark your calendars!

Growing Readers Together returns with a fresh series of GRT Quick Bites for 2020! These 20 minute webinars are intended to refresh and inspire your children and family services though micro learning opportunities on programming, policies, and best practices for early learning at the library. Mark your calendar and make the most of your lunch break with Quick Bites!

Join us Tuesdays at 12 MST this April:

April 7: Full-Spectrum Literacy with Kate Brunner

Libraries have a long history of supporting children’s print literacy development. Now, as we move further into the 21st century, the concept of literacy and the learning demands on young children seem to be expanding. Technology, emotional intelligence, communication, executive function, citizenship, cultural competence, and more are becoming significant parts of a young child’s early education. Join us in exploring literacy through a wider lens as we begin thinking deeply about what this means for children & families, as well as, formal & informal caregivers in our library communities.

April 14: Activating the Hidden Senses at Storytime with Melody Garcia

Young children of all abilities learn best when their senses are fully activated, but did you know we use SEVEN senses to understand ourselves and our environment? Two “hidden senses,” the proprioceptive and vestibular senses, are essential for balance and body awareness and keep us alert and attentive. Learn how to plan storytimes that provide sensory input, identify sensory seeking behaviors, and educate caregivers about these hidden senses.

April 21: Are Play Groups Right for Your Library? With Gail Yerbic

Playful learning is serious business in early childhood! It is a natural, everyday occurrence for children, and experts have proven its value with child development and success. Discover the different types of play groups out there, their purpose and potential impact, and why this may be a great niche for your library (in the spirit of equal access to all). Explore what it would take and identify measurable benefits. Whether or not you decide this is right for your library, we will point you to resources for further inquiry.

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