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Who are the people of CSL?

The Colorado State Library is comprised of professionals and library lovers who partner with Colorado’s libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage organizations on topics that include resource sharing, staff development, literacy, leadership, and technology services. We are always seeking new ways to connect with you!

That’s why in spring 2018 we launched #GetToKnowCSL, a social media campaign designed to put a human face on our organization, both literally and figuratively. For four months, from March through June, we featured a different CSL staff member or team each week on our Twitter and Facebook pages using the hashtag #GetToKnowCSL. In addition to their photos, staff shared personal insights into what excites them about their job and/or the profession. What follows is a compilation of all the staff profiles published for this campaign.

Profiles are alphabetical by last name or team name, and not necessarily by the original order of publication.

Maddie Basch

Consultant Support Specialist

“My favorite part of my job is running the Book Club Resource! The State Library has almost 200 different titles with 5 or more copies of each that you can check out through your local library for book clubs, discussion groups, or classes. Some of our titles even have more than 10 copies! If that isn’t good enough news, we also have discussion questions for most of our book club books up on the Colorado Virtual Library website <https://s.lrs.org/146h>, so you can give your discussions an extra boost! I love getting to send out my favorite books and knowing that they’re not only going to be read, but that they’ll also inspire conversation. ‘Cause the only thing better than reading a good book, is talking about it with friends afterward!”

Mary Bills

Technical Coordinator

“I joined the Colorado State Library in early June of last year. Since arriving, I have had the continuing pleasure of working with an amazing group of people that really love libraries! I’ve also been able to work on some awesome projects, such as illustrating the Growing Readers Together Early Literacy Calendar. It was so much fun!

I love that everyday there is something new to work on and for me to learn. I also really love seeing how libraries impact their communities and spreading the joy that libraries bring.”

Miranda Doran-Myers

Research Assistant

Miranda Doran-Myers

“As part of the Library Research Service team, I get to talk about library data with people from all around Colorado. My goal is to make data collection and analysis less intimidating than it often seems – I can relate, I never thought statistics would be such a big part of the job when I became a librarian!”

Babi Hammond

Digital Experience Consultant

Babi wants to help libraries improve their user research and web design. He’s currently redesigning ColoradoVirtualLibrary.org using new CSS-grid layout tools. Despite being a tech guy, he still gets excited about books (especially if they’re about CSS).

Regan Harper

Director of Networking & Resource Sharing

“I have worked as a library professional in Colorado for 25 years and have had the pleasure to work with library folks from all types of libraries: public, academic, special, you name it. One of the things that excites me about our libraries is their tireless ability to re-define themselves and their vitality to their communities. Nothing slows them down or lessens their passion for providing outstanding service to anyone who needs it. In my role as Director for Networking and Resource Sharing, I have the privilege of helping Colorado library staff find more efficient ways of doing what they do through shared initiatives and technology solutions. I am proud of the crack squad of library consultants I lead and know that each of them is giving their all to the projects they support. What could be more rewarding than that.”

Amy Hitchner

Collaborative Programming Coordinator

“I’m fortunate to work on a variety of statewide initiatives, including the newly launched Plains to Peaks Collective and CSL Share & Learn regional professional development events. I love connecting Colorado libraries with each other and with State Library resources through social media and the Friday Grab Bag, a weekly roundup of interesting and innovative Colorado library news. I want Colorado library staff to know that the State Library is filled with compassionate, curious learners who want to hear from you!”

Kieran Hixon

Technology & Digital Initiatives Consultant

“I remember getting my first library card. It was bright orange and had raised lettering with my name and a long number. Once a week my mom would take me to the library. I would sit on a carpet square and listen to a lady read a book and then I would get to play with things like glue and popsicle sticks and cotton balls. I loved craft time…hmm…still do, actually. I think that is why I love the idea of Makerspaces in libraries.”

Institutional Library Development

Diane Walden

Teresa Allen

Erin Boyington

Renée Barnes

“We serve the 18K people in Colorado state institutions, and believe that everyone deserves a great library – especially those facing significant barriers to service. For institutionalized persons, these barriers are not limited to geography; they also include learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, and social stigma. Learn more on our website <https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdelib/prisonlibraries/institutions>.”

Leigh Jeremias

Digital Collections Coordinator

“I’m passionate about Colorado’s history. I love that everyday there is a new historic tale to share. I love collaborating with libraries and museums to share their unique historic collections with their community far and wide. I’m amazed by the dedication Colorado cultural heritage organizations have to making their history available online.

Looking to learn more about the history of your community or even your family? Check out the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection or search the Plains to Peaks Collective, the Colorado & Wyoming Service Hub of the Digital Public Library of America. You never know what story you might uncover.”

Joyce Johnson

Growing Readers Together Coordinator

Joyce Johnson coordinates Growing Readers Together, an early literacy initiative seeking to support informal family, friend & neighbor child care providers through outreach and resources provided by local public libraries across the state. As a social worker for over 30 years, she sees tremendous possibilities between community social work & librarianship, and is passionate about the role that community organizations play in supporting families.

Christine Kreger

Professional Development Consultant

Get to know CSL - Christine Kreger

“I love learning and I love Colorado library staff! As the Professional Development Consultant for the Colorado State Library, I get to learn, share, and collaborate with amazing Colorado library staff from across the state!  Looking for library related learning opportunities? Check out the Library Learning and Creation website and CSL in Session. What do you want to learn today?”

Debbi MacLeod

Director, Colorado Talking Book Library and Colorado State Publications Library

“I love serving our Colorado Talking Book Library patrons and making a difference in people’s lives every single day. This is the most rewarding aspect of the job. I love wearing two hats which keeps away the boredom – there is always something new to accomplish.”

Pamela Mejia De Rodriguez

Formerly the Regional Early Literacy Specialist, Growing Readers Together

Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez

“One of the most important things I’ve learned through this job is that libraries are more than a community hub; libraries represent free and easy access to new learnings, new opportunities in life; they represent a second, a third or even a fourth chance in life.

The library is that one faithful friend that always has your back. Libraries can be whatever you need them to be. They can be an oasis: a place you can escape, refresh your mind and soul and recharge. They can be place to focus, concentrate and get something done, or a place where you can find the help you need for certain tasks in life. They can also be a place to play, to laugh, to sing, to dance, to draw, paint, create, build and have fun.

The library is a place that you can freely be yourself. The library is for me, you, them, us and for everybody!”

Christine Schein

Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist

Christine is passionate about digital literacy! She curates resources and learning tools to help you learn more about fake news, internet safety and privacy. Contact her to chat about your learning needs.

Lori Smith

SWIFT Coordinator

“I love helping libraries expand their collections and support their users with resource sharing.

I worked at the library in college, and my favorite thing to do was helping with interlibrary loan. The generosity and willingness of libraries to share so openly with each other is invaluable and wonderful.”

We hope that the #GetToKnowCSL campaign helped you learn more about CSL staff and their professional passions and projects. We would love to hear from you, even (and especially) if it’s just to say hi and share what’s been going on at your library.

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