Proud to be Local? Show What You Know at ALA Midwinter

If you are local to Denver – or even just local to Colorado but have a bit of Denver knowledge and the compulsion to help people – join many of us by making yourself available to help out those new to the downtown area for ALA Midwinter.  Pat Wagner has cleverly organized a posse of us local folk to be the Sherpas for our visiting colleagues by providing welcoming support for the ALA 2018 Midwinter Meeting at the Colorado Convention Center.  Pat has created badges, and ribbons to help identify us locals as information resources.

There won’t be an information booth run by local library volunteers to hang out in this year. The only booths will be those run by staff of the Convention Center.  So – we are gonna make up the difference.  If you would like to participate:

You get to wear an official bling – a red badge (pin-backed and/or adhesive-back) and/or a badge ribbon. They say: I’m Local. Ask Me For Help. We hope you wear them in the meetings and programs at the Conference Center and adjacent venues, or just wandering aimlessly around.

Check out the cheat sheet that provides local information, as well as a pdf.  You can keep the sheet to help answer common questions regarding visiting downtown Denver. You can print out multiple paper copies to share with visitors as well as the pdf to share from your online device. The pdf can be found right here.

If you were not organized enough to get the I’m Local swag already, Pat will be at the Conference Center starting Friday am.  She will be carrying a red cloth bag and wearing a striped t-shirt with red stripes or a red sweater most days. Short cropped silver hair, looking like the aging feral hippie anarchist (her own words). During the conference, you can text or call Pat at 303-350-0923.

Happy conference everyone!