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I am the Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist working with K-12 schools, educators, administrators and students to increase digital literacy for the ongoing benefit of formal education in Colorado. I joined the CDE team just last month and I am quite elated to be here!

Tech Tip Tuesdays is returning! Starting this week, look for a Tech Tip video link sent to you via email,, or on the YouTube channel.  Don’t forget you can also find new and archived videos on the Colorado Virtual Library website at the link here : CVL Technology

I want to hear from you! You are invited to complete this Google form to suggest digital tools that you want to share or you can request information about digital tools that you need.

I leave you with this reminder for the week – from Kid President and Soul Pancake : 20 Things We Should Say More Often. I hope you have time to listen to his words of wisdom.  Educators Rock!

“When you inject a level of humor and playfulness, we find common ground. We are reminded that we are all working on the same side” Carl Robinson, Ph.D.

Keep Calm and Tech On! 


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