Colorado's State Symbols: The State Gemstone

Because Colorado’s mountains are rich in minerals, there are many gemstones to be found in our state, but only one has the distinction of being named Colorado’s state gemstone – the aquamarine.  This light blue to green mineral was designated our state gemstone in 1971; it is found primarily at Mount Antero and White Mountain in […]

Colorado's State Symbols: The State Fossil

Schoolchildren suggested Colorado adopt a state fossil, the dinosaur Stegosaurus, in 1982.  One of the most recognized dinosaurs, with its line of plates along its back and spiky tail for defense, Stegosaurus lived in what came to be Colorado during the Mesozoic era, Jurassic period 150 million years ago.  Stegosaurus fossils have been discovered in Colorado.  For […]

Hayden Expedition

The famous Hayden Expedition of 1871, led by geologist Ferdinand V. Hayden, was instrumental in surveying and mapping what would become Yellowstone National Park the following year.  The survey expedition, which took about four months over the summer of 1871, was funded by Congress.  Six years later, in 1877, Hayden and his team surveyed Colorado and […]

The Colorado Gold Rush.

Did you know it’s believed that more people came to the Colorado Gold Rush than to the California Gold Rush? It’s true. The Colorado Gold Rush was the boom in the prospecting and mining of gold in present-day Coloradoin the United States that began in 1859 (when the land was still in the Kansas Territory) […]

Earthquakes in Colorado

Last night southwestern Colorado was shaken by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake centered 9 miles southwest of Trinidad. Large earthquakes are not frequently experienced here in the Rocky Mountains, but low magnitude quakes are fairly common. The Colorado Geological Survey maintains a database called the Colorado Earthquake Mapserver which contains information on all of the cataloged […]

Colorado Gemstones

Colorado is certainly known for mining gold, silver, and other minerals, but many people don’t realize that Colorado is also the source of many beautiful gemstones. In fact, Colorado even has a state gemstone, aquamarine. According to the Colorado Geological Survey, more than 30 different gemstone varieties are found in Colorado. Some of these include […]

Avalanches in Colorado

While it may seem that the snow cover is simply a beautiful winter’s blanket, it ismore complicated and dangerous than many people realize. Snow avalanches are a geologic hazard for anyone who lives in or travels through the mountains of Colorado. Several publications in our collection contain information on avalanches in the state. Two interesting […]

Colorado’s Points of Geological Interest (POGI)

Summer is almost over but there is still time for some visits to some of the many points of geological interest across the state. “Colorado’s Magnificent POGIs”, the spring 2006 issue of RockTalk published by the Colorado Geological Survey contains a wonderful guide to POGIs that have guided activities in the form of interpretive presentations, […]