Circulation of Petitions

Right now, many people are out circulating petitions for November ballot initiatives.  If you’re one of them, be aware of the State’s rules for petition circulation.  The Secretary of State’s Office has a handy online training guide that all petitioners should read before hitting the streets.  The guide includes information on who may circulate petitions, compensation […]

Voter Registration: Time is Running Out

If you haven’t yet registered to vote in the November 2012 election, you only have until October 9 to submit your registration.  Registering is easy – simply go to the Online Voter Registration page on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.  If you aren’t sure whether your registration is currently active, be sure and check […]

Elections are coming soon- Make sure to Vote

November 2nd is just around the corner. This year’s general election includes a race for governor, and several ballot measures that may dramatically change the services provided by local and state governments. Make sure to get out and vote and let your voice be heard. Here are some helpful election resources: 2010 Ballot Initiatives – […]

Primary Election

The Denver Post this morning reported that this year’s primary election, which is a mail-in ballot election in most Colorado counties, is nearing record turnout, and there’s still five days to go. According to the Post, “As of early Wednesday morning, 436,382 Coloradans had voted: 222,938 were Republicans and 210,201 were Democrats, according to the […]

Presidential Election by Popular Vote

Presently the Legislature is considering HB09-1299, which seeks to change Colorado’s system of elections by entering into an agreement with other states to give Colorado’s 9 electoral votes to the candidate who earns the most popular votes in all the states combined. The other states in the agreement would do this as well. The idea […]

Election Statistics

To find voting statistics for Tuesday’s election and other official information, visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s Elections Division website. For statistics from past years’ elections, check out the Abstract of Votes Cast booklets, which our library has dating back to the 1890s. The Elections Division page also has information on prior elections dating back […]

Ballot Proposals

The November election is growing near. There are 14 proposed amendments to the Constitution, and 4 referendums on the ballot this year. The number of proposals may seem overwhelming, but the Colorado Legislative Council can help you sort through the issues. They put together a non-partisan analysis for each proposed amendment and referendum. General information […]

Primary Election

Are you ready for Tuesday’s primary elections? There are some big races this year, including hotly contended races for U.S. House of Representatives, State House and Senate seats, and district attorneys. You can find an official list of all the candidates on the Secretary of State’s Election Center webpage, along with other helpful information on […]