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The State Library offers many resources and the expertise of several consultants to librarians and teachers interested in improving integration of technology and digital resources into their programs and classes.

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Continuing Education & Professional Development

The Colorado State Library offers opportunities for continuing education and professional development through conferences, training, websites, and webinars.

See our main website for more information about Continuing Education and Professional Development. For School Librarians, see our Colorado School Libraries page.

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School Libraries Development

Training and consulting to help educators to create meaningful, collaborative, and challenging learning opportunities for their students.

Resource Sharing

Spotlight on Sharing: Rethinking Large Print

Readers of large print come in all ages and abilities. Large print is appealing because the font size, combined with more white space and anti-glare paper, reduces eye strain and helps with deep reading, comprehension, and fluency.

Who reads large print?

  • People of all ages, from young children to older adults;
  • People who are blind or partially sighted;
  • People who experience eye strain when reading regular print;
  • People with dyslexia and other learning disabilities;
  • Experienced readers as well as those learning to read;
  • Visual learners;
  • English language learners;
  • Children with new cochlear implants, who use large print in combination with audiobooks to learn to hear words;
  • and many more!

Large print is helpful to many different types of readers for many different reasons. And while they might prefer a large print format, they still want a wide variety of high quality, popular titles, just like any other reader.

Challenges of large print

  • Availability. About half of popular books are not published in large print, and only a few mid-list titles ever make it to large print.
  • Lag. With the exception of select popular titles, most large print books are published well after the regular hardcover edition.
  • Price. Large print books cost about 50 percent more than regular print due to their short publishing runs and binding requirements.
  • Size. Large print books are more difficult to carry because they tend to be bigger and heavier than regular print, although newer publications are smaller and less bulky.
  • Perception. Young people especially might feel there is a stigma associated with reading large print books.

Large Print and E-Readers

Readers who prefer their Kindles and other e-readers have the ability to increase the font size on their devices, which is a valuable feature. However, many people—including young people—still prefer reading in print, so it’s important to provide a variety of large print options for all ages. (Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report, 5th ed.)

Colorado Talking Book Library

If you have patrons that would benefit from large print, please let them know about Colorado Talking Book Library (CTBL), a unique and valuable resource for people with visual, physical, and learning disabilities since 1932. It is part of a network of libraries across the country that partner with the Library of Congress to provide services to the print-disabled. Besides their extensive collection of audiobooks, they also house over 22,000 large print and 7,000 braille titles.

CTBL will be hosting its annual Patron Open House on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please extend the invitation to your interested patrons. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet staff and local narrators, as well as tour the library. At 11:00 a.m. Cary Johnson, Director of Crime Prevention in the 1st District Attorney’s Office, will present the “Power Against Fraud Seminar.” Get more information from the official invitation.

CTBL patrons are passionate readers who are excited about large print services:

“Living in a rural area, there are a limited number of Large Print books available. To get these books in the mail is a great blessing. Currently, I am reading two books a week. -Can’t read small print.”

“Large print is critical & important to people w/ poor vision-who still have passion to read but not the eyes!”

“As I read up to two books a week I think this service is fantastic. It enables me to lead a normal life in spite of my vision problems.”

“I love getting my turquoise colored zipper bag and immediately seeing what’s inside! These books have been a blessing to me as I regain ability to follow a line of print and a line of thought. I need to have someone help me find the list of titles and authors you have because I know there’s much I could be enjoying. I appreciate individual attention-as soon as there is a new John Grisham book available, I receive it from you! Thank you so much!”

This post is part of the Spotlight on Sharing initiative, which aims to increase the visibility of resource sharing in Colorado libraries. How does YOUR library serve print-disabled patrons? Let us know by filling out this super short form. If you’re on Twitter, tweet @hitchlib or use the hashtag #spotlightonsharing.

Website Creation & Hosting

Meet the COLibraries Community

Take a peak at some of our COLibraries clients!

Website Creation & Hosting

CVL Sites Redesigned

The State Library’s CVL Sites is a free service that creates and hosts websites for libraries, museums, and related organizations. Sites for Voice Preserve, One Book 4 Colorado, and StoryBlocks were recently redesigned to be easier to use on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Check out the new designs below.

To learn more about the CVL Sites program, see the CVL Sites website, or contact us to inquire about the State Library’s website creation and hosting programs. homepage

Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy’s

CSL News

Library Learning & Creation Center…Refreshed!

The Library Learning & Creation Center website has a new look! As we work to expand this website to become a portal for your library continuing education needs, we decided to start with a face-lift.

Don’t worry, we still offer wonderful, self-paced learning modules on Customer Service and Technology Training, as well as curriculum you can use to train both staff and the public on a variety of technology topics.

In addition, we have updated the Makerspace content and added a brand new area called Library 101. Here you will find information and resources related to core library topics and values including professional ethics, intellectual freedom, privacy, and copyright.

Over the next several months, we will be adding new content areas to the site based on our latest continuing education needs assessment results and direct feedback from library staff. Future content areas will include collection management, community engagement, programs, and services—to name a few!

So if you have not visited the Library Creation and Learning Center, or it has been a while, we invite you to stop by. Don’t forget to check out the Continuing Education Calendar to see which learning events are on the horizon.


Christine Kreger
Professional Development Consultant


Website Creation & Hosting

COLibraries Levels of Service

The State Library works with COLibraries clients to determine which level best fits your needs. The decision for which level your needs will be based on the tech skills at your institution, website needs, and resources available.

Website Creation & Hosting

COLibraries Integrations and Plugins

New Titles Display for PIKA Libraries

If you are an AspenCat member, COLibraries offers special integration for PIKA featuring book cover streams based on your library’s newest tiles, children’s materials or any other designated collection.

Return-On-Investment Calculator

COLibraries also offers a special plugin to COLibraries users as well as any library using WordPress. The Return On Investment calculator, similar to the one below from Library Research Service, uses your local income per capita to show patrons the value they receive for every dollar the library uses.

Website Creation & Hosting

Website Creation & Hosting Inquiry

Use this form to contact us with questions about our website creation and hosting services. Or, you can email Babi Hammond or Kieran Hixon directly.

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Website Creation & Hosting

COLibraries Samples and Template Pages

COLibraries can help you with templates for content (and some content you can use!) Using RSS feeds (and columns) can give your institution up-to-date information customized for your community.

Kids Page – This page highlights a multi-column option and the importing and displaying content from any RSS feed. Content can include your own blog, or links from popular social bookmarking sites. Many RSS feeds can be used on each page.

Job Resources – This page demonstrates the RSS feed plugin along with the column capability of this theme to produce pages that combine your own local information with other online resources.

Info for your Institution – Looking for a way to display information for your staff and informational nuggets for continuing education? RSS feeds and your own posts to staff may be the answer!

Library Return on Investment Calculator – Try the Library Return on Investment Calculator and find out how much money the library is saving you. How Much Does the Library Save You?

Check out some of our template pages of curated resources!

Early Literacy
Ebooks & Audiobooks
Homework Help

If you are an AspenCat member, check out how we can display your book lists!

AspenCat Integration

Search Example

Catalog Website Google

CSL News

Free Collection Development Workshop for Colorado Youth Services Staff

Registration is open and room is still available for all three of the FREE regional sessions about collection development for youth services staff, led by Carol Edwards! These sessions are great for ALL youth services library staff, not just those directly responsible for selecting and purchasing materials for collections.

  • May 4: Estes Valley Library
  • May 5: Greenhorn Valley Library, Colorado City
  • May 10: Montrose Regional Library

All sessions will be 10:00 to 3:00. The sessions are free; lunch will be on your own (bring your own, or discover a great local restaurant). Please learn more about the sessions below, and register online at

Session description

Whether your library is large or small, you have to select the right things, and get rid of the ones that no longer fit. Shaping your collection of resources and materials is a both an art form and dedicated work. Think about the goal of collection development and come ready to discuss in this interactive session.

  • Collection Development Policy: Bring yours if you have one. These are often more living documents than we realize and comparing several policies may bring up new ideas for your own. If you don’t have one, this is an ideal way to hear from those that do.
  • Allocating Resources: Deciding how and why you are going to buy what and how much.  Percentages are our friends, but bring all your ideas about stretching the budgets to make sure you match your library’s priorities.
  • De-Accessioning:  A long word for weeding out the old, stale, ugly and out-of-date materials that no longer meet the needs of your users, or customers or patrons. Whatever you call the people you serve, they are at the heart of this process.
  • Diversity:  The subtle and often hidden message you send to your community when the collection is looked at through many different lenses. What is good? What is not? How to distinguish between the two?

This session is appropriate for library staff that work with all ages of children and teens; it’s also great for all youth services staff, not just those directly responsible for collection development and acquisition. Come prepared to share your ideas, challenges and opportunities!

About Carol Edwards

Carol Edwards, recently retired from Denver Public Library and currently working as SPELL Project Coordinator, has worked in many kinds of libraries: small, large, big systems and tiny.  Her interest in collections is supported by a passion for stories in all their forms, and she has served on several evaluation committees with ALA, and most recently, Colorado Book Awards.

Resource Sharing

NRS Services Across Colorado

The Networking and Resource Sharing (NRS) unit supports Colorado libraries through a variety of technology-related services. The map below, while not a comprehensive representation of all that we do, is a visualization of our reach across Colorado’s public libraries. For more information about these and the other programs and services offered by the Colorado State Library, please visit the Colorado Virtual Library website.

This map is interactive: you can zoom in and out, click and drag to re-position, and click the markers for more information about each library. For even more features, view the full-sized map.


The colored markers indicate how many NRS services are connected to each public library.

White = 0 services (52 libraries)
Green = 1 service (115 libraries)
Yellow = 2 services (76 libraries)
Blue = 3 services (19 libraries)
Red = 4 services (1 library)

Services Represented

  • SWIFT: A statewide interlibrary loan (ILL) service. The SWIFT software is provided at no cost to participating libraries.
  • Colorado Online Libraries (CO Libraries): Website authoring, training, and hosting service, free of charge to eligible Colorado libraries.
  • Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC): A database of 199+ digitized historic Colorado newspapers. The map indicates which public libraries have contributed newspapers to CHNC.
  • Book Club Resource: Book club kits available to loan to Colorado libraries.
  • FindIT Colorado: A mobile app that connects Coloradans to online resources at participating public libraries.

*Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Visit Colorado Virtual Library to see more of what we do.

Bonus Tip!

Would you like to make your own custom map? It’s free and easy to do with Google My Maps.

Our Services & Programs

Research & Statistics

The State Library’s Library Research Service (LRS) provides library professionals, educators, public officials, and the media with research and statistics about libraries. LRS reports and analyzes statistics on school, public, and academic libraries, and conducts studies on major library issues that are reported in the Fast Facts and Closer Look series. Find library research news on the LRS News page.

LRS also hosts and supports the popular Library Jobline job resource and DART reference tracker tool.

LRS Resources

LRS Contacts

Library Jobline and Library Directory

Our Services & Programs

Children’s & Youth Services

The State Library provides consulting and training on child development, library programming and activities as well as public/school library collaboration.

Reading Tips Brochures

Cover of Getting Ready to Read brochure, with picture of parents reading to a small childTalking, singing, reading, writing and playing with your baby, toddler, or preschooler can help them learn to read and write in kindergarten. The Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado State Library have prepared a handy brochure with tips and activity ideas to help your child get ready to read. You can download the brochure as a PDF in English or Spanish.

If your Colorado group or organization would like to distribute Getting Ready to Read brochures, you can order copies from the State Library free of charge. Fill out the online order form to let us know how many you want.

Resource Sharing

Mailing Lists

Colorado State Library’s Network & Resource Sharing unit hosts numerous mailing lists for the Colorado library community, and can create new lists for eligible libraries and library-related organizations. Learn more about how to start using mailing lists: Mailing Lists 101.

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are hosted by the Colorado State Library, unless otherwise noted:

  • CAL-IFC – Colorado Association of Libraries Intellectual Freedom Committee
  • CAL-Makers – Colorado Association of Libraries Makerspace Interest Group
  • CASL Community – Yahoo group for the Colorado Association of School Libraries
  • CheckOutColorado – Information about the partnership between Colorado State Parks and the Colorado State Library
  • chr – Colorado Cultural and Historic Resources Task Force. Disaster planning and response for cultural heritage institutions
  • CoALA-l – Colorado Academic Library Association
  • CoCivicEngage – Discussion list for civic engagement in Colorado libraries, including programming ideas, resources, skills, and tools for coordinating local dialogue and deliberation.
  • COLibDev – Discussion list for library development officers in Colorado libraries, including topics such as fundraising, grants, donors, and volunteer management.
  • ColASL – Colorado Association of Special Libraries
  • COLibMarketers – Colorado Library Marketers is a mailing list for Colorado library marketing/communications professionals and librarians involved in marketing.
  • CoProLib – Colorado library public program coordinators
  • CORR – Colorado Reentry Resources, an interest group focused on bridging the gap between prison and public libraries in order to better facilitate the successful transition of returning citizens.
  • CEA Forums – Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – Correctional Education Association’s forums on libraries and other topics
  • CoSLL – Colorado School Library Leaders
  • CYAAL – Colorado Young Adult Advocates in Libraries
  • CYS-Lib – Colorado Youth Services Network
  • DUG – Colorado Public Library Data Users Group
  • IT-Share –  Technical knowledge for Colorado libraries and cultural heritage organizations
  • Libnet – All things library in Colorado
  • OBCO – One Book Colorado project
  • PPC – Plains to Peaks Interest Group
  • PL-EVAL – Public Library Research & Evaluation
  • PRISON-L – Hosted by ALA’s Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, part of the Library Services to Prisoners Forum
  • PUBLIB – Hosted by OCLC, forum for public librarians and those interested in public libraries
  • pubyac (site under construction) – Youth librarianship focus, hosted by the Center for Children’s Books and affiliated with the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • SchoolLibraryHotline – Colorado school library discussion list
  • SCoAL – Southern Colorado Academic Libraries
  • S2OHA – Square States Oral History Association
  • Yalsa-lockdown – Hosted by ALA’s Young Adult Library Services Association with emphasis on  librarians who work with incarcerated youth

For additional information, contact Regan Harper at


Here are a few common-sense guidelines to help the mailing list communities operate more smoothly:

  • When posting giveaways or freebies:
    • Start your subject line with GIVEAWAY.
    • Condense your giveaway info into a single email.
  • Always include a subject line in your post. Posts without subject lines are often flagged as spam by receiving mail servers.
  • Please respect your mailing list community by not posting advertisements for products or services.
  • When possible, refrain from posting images and other attachments. Some mailing lists—most notably Libnet—will remove all attachments except images.
    • If you must post an image, resize it as small as possible to prevent needlessly filling up inboxes.
    • Tip: Instead of including an attachment, try linking to a web version of the document instead.
  • Before responding to another community member using “Reply All”, consider whether your reply should be seen by the entire mailing list. Large lists, such as Libnet, have well over 1,000 subscribers.

New Lists

To inquire about creating a new mailing list, please fill out the form below. The State Library’s Systems Administrator will contact you for additional information.

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Our Services & Programs Resource Sharing

Books for Book Clubs

The State Library’s Colorado Book Club Resource has a plethora of titles to loan if you need additional copies for your library’s book club.

Our Services & Programs

Grants & Grant Writing

The Colorado State Library administers three different annual grants to eligible Colorado libraries.

Grant Opportunities

Our Services & Programs

Technical Services Consulting

The State Library’s staff has expertise in many areas, and we’re glad to field your questions.

Original Cataloging


Digital Collections

Our Services & Programs

Websites for Libraries & Library Organizations

The State Library’s Network & Resource Sharing department (NRS) provides websites free-of-charge for libraries, museums, and related organizations. NRS can help you create your site, host it for free, and deliver hands-on training to help you keep your site up and running. More than 40 Colorado Libraries and other organizations are using this service already. Setting up a site with us does not require any technical expertise. Most sites run WordPress, a stable, easy-to-use open-source web publishing platform.

See our Website Creation & Hosting section for more information, contact us using our online form, or e-mail Kieran Hixon or Babi Hammond directly.