When We Were Young…

Doing a little research for some fresh new ideas to throw out there for you, I came upon Jimmy Kimmel’s Book Club.

It did give pause for thought and while the following idea may be a bit unconventional, it can be applied to any age group of book club members. What if one meeting, everyone brought in their favorite children’s book and discussions ensued of why it was a favorite and does the story hold up? You know, like an Adult Storytime!

The two novels in our collection that may apply as later children’s books would be –
The Last Unicorn


And for some (ahem, like myself) the love of children’s books does not cease once adulthood has been achieved. Are there any children’s books members in your group have discovered and adored in adulthood?



My favorites as a kid-

“you will know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this…”








New favorites as an adult-

   What are yours?

If my books can help children become readers, then I feel I have accomplished something important.  -Roald Dahl

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2 thoughts on “When We Were Young…

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
    Bill Peet’s books

  2. I keep a short list of kids books for friends expecting their first kid–the few books that are not painful to read over and over again to my kids. The list includes: Baby Danced the Polka, by Karen Beaumont; the Frog and Toad books (really, anything by Arnold Lobel, but especially these); Firefighters in the Dark, by Dashka Slater; Sneetches and Other Stories, by Dr. Seuss (if you can just keep to the Sneetches).
    My older daughter is a big fan of the Mysterious Benedict Society series, and the Pseudonymous Bosch books.

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