Become A Member

How to become a SWIFT member library

Fill out a SWIFT Profile Application Form (.doc) and send it to the Colorado State Library when you are ready to start using SWIFT.

Frequently asked questions about SWIFT membership

How long does SWIFT take to initiate at a library?

A library fills out and returns a SWIFT application, which is used to create your library’s profile.  SWIFT staff usually take a couple of days to enter your library and test the set up in SWIFT.  After attending SWIFT training, library staff may begin using SWIFT.

What does SWIFT cost?

There is no charge for using the SWIFT software, support or training. It is free to Colorado libraries and their patrons.  SWIFT member libraries cover the cost of transporting materials through the CLiC courier or another delivery method of their choice.

Do I have to have my library collection on the Internet to participate?

No. As long as your library joins the SWIFT program, you and your patrons may use the SWIFT system, whether or not your collection is on the Internet.

What if we want staff to use the system but don’t want our patrons to place their own requests?

You may elect to use the SWIFT system for your library’s ILL transactions and record keeping, and continue to have your patrons fill out your traditional ILL forms at the library.

What about “problem patrons?”

Libraries can block patrons that are not in good standing (based on the library’s local policies) from using the SWIFT system.

What equipment or software do I need to use SWIFT?

  1. Internet connectivity
  2. Web browser
  3. Printer (not necessary, but helpful)

How does Z39.50 fit in?

Your library cannot be automatically searched as a lending library by the SWIFT system if you do not have a Z39.50 server, but you can still participate as a borrowing library.

Benefits of SWIFT Membership

  1. Reduces costs
    • Eliminates faxing and mailing of requests, and phoning potential lending libraries
    • Uses Colorado resources before going out of state
    • Complements existing Colorado resource sharing systems
  2. Improves service to your patrons
    • ILL requests arrive faster because the system automatically routes requests
    • Patrons can place their own requests at any time from home, office, or their library
    • Patrons have easy, equal access to more than 12 million volumes housed in Colorado’s libraries
  3. Frees staff time
    • Staff no longer have to search library catalogs one-by-one to locate an owning library
    • Eliminates manual systems
    • Keeps all ILL statistics automatically
    • Ability to transfer requests to some circulation systems and to OCLC.