Zebra Mussels

The nice spring weather means people are starting to head out to the lakes with their boats. This year, however, boaters are required to undergo inspections of their boats to prevent the spread of this invasive species, which is not native to Colorado. (Zebra mussels spread by attaching themselves to the bottoms of boats). So far the mussels have been found in Lake Pueblo State Park and authorities are working hard to keep them confined to that lake and protect against their spread to other Colorado lakes. This year the State Legislature even passed SB 266 which allows authorities to inspect boats and other watercraft for these mussels. The state says it could cost millions of dollars to control them if they spread.

For more information on zebra mussels, visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Zebra and Quagga Mussels page, which includes tips for boaters, how to identify zebra mussels, and streaming videos concerning mussel contamination and inspection.