Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month.  The State of Colorado has published many helpful resources on the history of women in our state.  Colorado Women:  A History, published by University Press of Colorado and available from our library, provides a good background on women’s history in our state.  Our library also has biographies on several notable Colorado women, including Josephine Roche, Helen Ring Robinson, Irene Jerome Hood, Helen Hunt Jackson, and others, along with other great University Press books like Long Vistas:  Women and Families on Colorado Homesteads. 

One interesting resource is the Colorado State Patrol’s Womens History page, looking back at women’s roles in the State Patrol.

Francis Galvin was the first woman State Trooper killed in the line of duty, in 1979.  (Photo courtesy Colorado State Patrol)


You can find out about places where Colorado women made history by checking out the Colorado Historical Society’s Directory of Women’s History Sites on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.  

Some historical resources that are available in print for checkout from our library include several publications on Title IX from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), as well as CDE’s Colorado Women’s History:  A Multicultural Treasury.  Also available is a video, Women’s Gold, for teaching kids about prominent women in Colorado’s history.

Our library also offers many websites and resources on current women’s issues, including women’s/maternal health; employment issues such as the pay gap and women-owned businesses; domestic violence; and much more — visit our web catalog to search for resources.