Wine Country

Did you know that there is a state agency that focuses solely on wine and grapes in Colorado?

The mission of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board is to encourage and promote scientific research about wine, growing vines, and wine-making; to market wine and wine grapes produced in Colorado; and serve as a resource for the Colorado wine industry. They recently hired an official state enologist to travel the state and work as a consultant with winery owners to help solve problems, and serve as an educator and fount of information.

If you like wine, and are curious about what Colorado has to offer, visit the board’s website:

They have a quarterly newsletter that highlights Colorado wines and wineries, along with information about wine-tasting events around the state. There are also maps and brochures on wine tours in Colorado. Maybe this weekend you can follow a Colorado Wine Trail, and spend the day visiting wineries on the Front Range, Rocky Mountains, Grand Valley, or West Elks regions.

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