June 24 – 30 is Colorado Lightning Safety and Wildfire Awareness Week. The Colorado Emergency Management Association has created a guide that includes Governor Ritter’s proclamation and facts about lightning and wildfires. A list of firebans in state parks, a fire danger map and current information about ongoing wildfires is available on their Fire Restrictions website.

For updates on fires in Colorado, check the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center. In-depth fire data is also available through the Colorado division of the Bureau of Land Management, including fire weather and smoke dispersion forecasts.

Publications in our library on lightning and wildfire safety can be located by using the key words “wildfire” and “lightning” in the library catalog.

Online titles which may be of interest:

“Creating Wildfire Defensible Zones”

“Vegetative Recovery after Forest Fire”

“Soil Erosion Control after Wildfire”

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