What is the Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws?

The Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws (CCUSL) is a commission under the auspices of the state General Assembly which compares state laws around the country and determines discrepancies between Colorado laws and other states on topics of potential national importance.  Each state has such a committee, which act as participants in the federal Uniform Law Commission (ULC).

The topics examined by the CCUSL and ULC are varied in subject and scope.  The commission discusses various topics and makes recommendations for legislation.  For example, in 2016 the CCUSL authored five Senate Bills:  SB16-071, concerning registration of athletic agents; SB16-084, concerning “health care decision-making documents,” SB16-085, concerning property trusts; SB16-088, concerning “fiduciary access to digital assets,” and SB16-103, concerning domestic violence protection orders.  Two of these bills, SB16-085 and SB16-088, were passed into law.

You can find out about the CCUSL’s work, and their legislative recommendations, in their annual reports.  These are available from our library back to 2002.  You can find out about the legislation CCUSL has proposed for the current 2017 session by viewing this blog post from the State Legislature.