Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Facts and Figures

One hundred years ago the State of Colorado began publishing its annual Year Book, featuring of all kinds of facts and figures about the state. The year books were published by the State Board of Immigration and later by the State Planning Commission, as a way to attract newcomers to Colorado. Today, they are an extremely valuable resource for anyone researching life in Colorado in the first half of the twentieth century — and they are now available online from our library.

The Year Book of the State of Colorado was published from 1918 to 1950. In each edition you can find that year’s statistics on population, geography, climate, industry, agriculture, natural resources, highways, automobiles, railroads, telephones, schools, health, land classification, homeownership, elected officials, banks, post offices, commercial organizations, county data, and much more. Maps and charts supplement the data. If you’re looking for Colorado statistics from 1918 to 1950, start here!