Time Machine Tuesday: 1950s Comic Books

No, we don’t have comic books in our collection.  But we do have an interesting document that deals with them, and gives some fascinating insight into 1950s culture. 

In 1956, Colorado actually had an interim committee in the Legislature to deal with the “problems” brought about by comic books!  The 1956 Report of the Committee on Comic Books is available online from our library and provides an intriguing look at the morals and attitudes of the 1950s.  According to the report, the committee met to discuss “allegations…that such publications…may tend to provoke acts of juvenile delinquency or crime,” and whether comic books that were “inherently objectionable should be made unlawful…or should be so regulated as to eliminate their evil.” 

Check out the full report to find out what the Committee decided.  In our library you can also find the related legislation that was developed by the Committee.