Things to Do in Northeast Colorado

Colorado’s Eastern Plains are an area of highly productive farms and a small population. For visitors, however, the area does have its attractions, including history and prairie scenery. Although much of the area is farmland, some of the towns and cities in the northeast/north central part of the state, as designated by the above map from, include Akron, Brush, Burlington, Cheyenne Wells, Elbert, Elizabeth, Fort Morgan, Holyoke, Julesburg, Kiowa, Limon, Sterling, Stratton, Wray, and Yuma.

For visitors to the area, there are many options for things to do. If you’re interested in history, visit one of the area’s many small museums, or travel along one of the overland routes where pioneers traveled West to California and Oregon. You can even ride a historic carousel in Kit Carson County. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are two State Parks in the region, North Sterling and Bonny Lake. Each park’s website also includes a list of nearby attractions. You can also consult, Colorado’s official tourism website, which has a list of attractions for the region. For the best way to experience the region in your vehicle, be sure to travel along one of Northeast Colorado’s two byways.

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