State of the State Address

Governor John Hickenlooper delivers his State of the State Address today. The Address is delivered annually on the second day of the Legislative Session. In our library you can find copies of all of the State of the State Addresses from Governors Hickenlooper, Ritter, and Romer, and most years’ Addresses from Governor Lamm. (Governor Owens chose not to have his published).

In Colorado’s early years, the State of the State Speech was called “Message of His Excellency, Governor …” and later just “Governor’s Message.” We have these “Messages” and/or Inaugural Addresses from past Governors Routt (1876-79); Pitkin (1879-83); Grant (1883-85); Eaton (1885-87); A. Adams (1877-79); Cooper (1889-91); Routt (1891-93); Waite (1893-95); McIntire (1895-97); A. Adams (1897-99); Peabody (1905); McDonald (1905-07); Buchtel (1907-09); W. Adams (1927-33); E. Johnson (1933-37); Ammons (1937-39); Carr (1939-43); Vivian (1943-47); W. Johnson (1950-51); Thornton (1951-55); McNichols (1957-63); and Love (1963-73).

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