School Crisis Resources

The Colorado Dept. of Education has posted a page on their website of Sandy Hook Crisis Resources.  The page offers links to information that can help parents and educators with talking to, listening to, and helping children cope with the tragedy and with school violence in general.  The page also contains links to detailed information for school personnel on how to prepare for, respond to, and help prevent such tragedies.  Another such resource that is not listed on the resource page, but can be very helpful to school employees and administrators, is the Colorado School Emergency Operations Plan Exercise Toolkit from the Colorado Dept. of Public Safety.  Additionally, the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence has produced a document entitled Creating a Crisis Plan that can also help schools prepare for emergencies and traumatic events.  Finally, the Colorado School Safety Resource Center is a valuable resource — see my blog post from December 17 for more information on the CSSRC and links to information on their site.