Promoting Colorado: Tourism Campaigns Past and Present

A recent article in The Denver Post suggests that the new “Come to Life” ad campaign significantly boosted Colorado’s tourism revenue, which you can read about in a new study conducted for the Colorado Tourism Office.  The study is cited in a Post blog posting, which highlights today as “tourism day at the Capitol.”

With its purple mountain majesties, historic sites, recreational opportunities, and fine weather, Colorado has long been a popular tourist destination.  In our library you can find examples of marketing materials from previous promotional campaigns, including “Where There’s Room to Live and Breathe,” from the early 1970s; “Colorful Colorado Invites You” from the mid-1970s; “Colorado Above All” from the late 1970s/early 1980s; “Colorado and No Place Else” from the mid-1980s; “I’d Rather Be in Colorado” from the late 1990s/early 2000s, “Adventure Colorado” from the early 2000s, “Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily” from the mid-2000s; “Let’s Talk Colorado” from the late 2000s; and “In a Land Called Colorado” from the early 2010s.  For an example of Colorado’s past marketing efforts, see the 1978 Colorado Facts booklet, which has been digitized by our library.

Colorado has promoted itself since its earliest days.  The Colorado State Archives has a great online tourism webpage with examples of older promotional materials (such as the “Colorado, Top of the Nation” poster above), postcards, a history of state tourism agencies and efforts, and more.

Current Colorado promotional materials can be found at, the state’s official tourism website.

Image Courtesy Colorado State Archives