Political Campaigns

This is the season when political campaigning really gets going, and 2008 is a major election year for both national and state elections. Many state legislators are term-limited and won’t be returning next year, leading to a whole new crop of candidates campaigning for their seats; or, term-limited legislators may run for other offices (such as Representatives running for the Senate). Campaigns for local (e.g. city) offices will be numerous this year as well. Because the primaries are in August, some candidates have already begun campaigning; there are already some ads on tv. As spring moves into summer, campaign season will really get into full swing.

So what does a political candidate need to know? A candidate must work closely with the Secretary of State’s Office, and their website has a webpage especially for candidates with all the forms and information needed for a campaign, including the Colorado campaign manual.

The Secretary of State’s website also offers information on campaign finance, always an important topic for candidates.

Finally, two bills have been introduced — and passed — this Legislative session regarding campaign finance: HB08-1041 (Concerning the enforcement of legal requirements pertaining to campaign finance) and HB08-1233 (Concerning the manner by which campaign contributions from a limited liability company are to be attributed among the members of the company for purposes of Colorado law governing campaign finance).