Planning for College

It’s that time of year…back to school time, and time for college-bound high school students to choose classes that will help them toward their college goals.  The Colorado Department of Higher Education’s College in Colorado website has planning tools for high school students that can help them plan their high school experience with their future goals in mind. The site offers a timeline for what kinds of classes to take each year of high school, along with information on SATs, the college admissions process, and tips for succeeding in high school. There’s even a way to connect with peers and learn about their experiences.

College in Colorado isn’t just for high school students. There’s also information for current college students on financial aid, career planning, resume and interview tips, and more. And, adults looking to go back to school will also find much helpful information in College in Colorado. The site’s workforce/adult page is a helpful tool for adults who are looking for a career change. Here you can take a variety of interactive quizzes, profilers, and assessments to help you find the career that is right for you…and what skills you already have that might be transferable.

So whatever your age, if higher education is in your future, check out this helpful website.