Photo Traffic Tickets

A bill before the Colorado Legislature would make it illegal for Colorado law enforcement to use red light cameras to ticket drivers (see the Denver Post story here). Recently these red light cameras have been in the news as Denver City Council voted to keep them active. For information and clarification on Colorado’s traffic laws, be sure to check out the Colorado Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book, published annually by the Colorado Legislative Council; and the Colorado Driver’s Handbook from the Colorado Dept. of Revenue.

2 thoughts on “Photo Traffic Tickets

  1. Even if I might sound stupid because I'm a normal driver, I think these cameras should be kept active because all drivers should stop in front of a red light and not put others in danger because they don't have time to wait a few seconds.

    I read a recent article and found out that the many speeding tickets Toronto were given to drivers that increased the speed in order to catch a green light and off course most of them were passed on the red one:(

  2. While driving if you make mistakes you are not only putting your life in danger but other's lives too. And it is very important to stop at every red light for every driver. But, in spite of knowing all these facts we commit mistakes. It's human nature.

    Once i too got a traffic ticket for DUI charge in NJ. Thanks to the New Jersey DUI Lawyer of Stabile Law Firm for dismissing mine 🙂

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