NEW Liquor Law Resources

Colorado’s liquor laws changed significantly this year, most notably with the sale of full-strength beer in liquor stores. Back in March I posted about some of the many resources available in our library to help retail establishments, bars, and restaurants keep up with the often-changing laws. Since then, our library has acquired several helpful new publications:

  • This summer, the Colorado Legislative Council released their 2019 Colorado Liquor Licensing Handbook. Included is legal and regulatory information on liquor licenses and permits, taxes and fees, enforcement, and related legislation.
  • Overview of Colorado Liquor Licensing Law, also from the Colorado Legislative Council, is a “reference guide for legislators and the public on the topic of Colorado laws related to liquor licensing. It covers the three-tier regulatory structure; license and permit types; general licensing requirements; enforcement; taxes and fees; and recent legislation.”
  • Liquor Bulletins are issued periodically by the Colorado Department of Revenue to provide clarity and quick answers on commonly asked questions relating to law changes and more. Our library has recently organized and indexed the bulletins and made them available via our library catalog.