New Laws in Effect July 1

The following bills passed this Legislative session went into effect on July 1:

  • HB12-1015, Modifications to DORA sunrise review process. (more info)
  • HB12-1017, Extend local access health care pilot.
  • HB12-1019, Transfer ports of entry to State Patrol. (more info)
  • HB12-1037, Classify certain agricultural products as wholesale sales.
  • HB12-1045, Spruce beetle kill wood products tax exemption.  (more info)
  • HB12-1052, Health care work force data collection.
  • HB12-1059, Military spouse practice occupation/profession.
  • HB12-1073, Number of judges in judicial districts.  (more info)
  • HB12-1083, Continue Environmental Agriculture Program fees.  (more info)
  • HB12-1099, Phytoremediation hemp remediation pilot program.
  • HB12-1158, Commercial livestock feed regulations.
  • HB12-1204, Sunset regulations for hemodialysis technicians.  (more info)
  • HB12-1212, BOCES multi-district online education programs.
  • HB12-1216, Drivers Licensing Services Fund.
  • HB12-1233, Legal separation court appearance procedure.
  • HB12-1238, Ensuring K-12 literacy education.
  • HB12-1247, Reduce tobacco settlement accelerated payments.
  • HB12-1248, Create fund for Dept. of Law and authorize grant spending.
  • HB12-1266, Sunset review, continue bail bond agent registration.  (more info)
  • HB12-1272, Enhanced benefits for unemployed workers in training.
  • HB12-1283, Consolidate Homeland Security functions under Dept. of Public Safety.  (more info)
  • HB12-1286, Film production activities in Colorado.  (more info)
  • HB12-1300, Sunset review, continue professional review committees.
  • HB12-1311, Sunset review, continue State Board of Pharmacy.  (more info)
  • HB12-1315, Reorganization of Governor’s Energy Office.  (more info)
  • HB12-1334, Severance tax funding for agricultural energy projects.
  • HB12-1346, Sex offender registration, no fixed residence.  (more info)
  • SB12-009, Consolidate Division of Water Resources funds. (more info)
  • SB12-012, Dept. of Revenue audits, emission test centers.  (more info)
  • SB12-094, Clarification of state sales tax definition of food.  (more info)
  • SB12-110, Funding for Attorney General’s insurance fraud investigations.
  • SB12-113, Direct public assistance recoveries in Long Bill.
  • SB12-148, Name change for Metro State College.  (more info)
  • SB12-159, Evaluation for children with autism, Medicaid waiver.

For analysis of some of the above-listed bills, see the June 30 Denver Post article.  Also, note that the bills listed above are only those that went into effect on July 1, 2012.  Many other bills were passed during the legislative session that either went into effect immediately upon signing, or will go into effect at a later date.  For all the bills and acts for this session as well as prior sessions, visit the Colorado General Assembly homepage.

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