More Ideas for School Papers

Recently updated and on the Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL) web site is a resource list called “School Research Topics: Notable Internet Resources from State Government”. The staff of CoSPL, Colorado State Library, is pleased to publish this list for educators, librarians and students. State agency web sites are a valuable resource in education from grade school through high school.

While the sites listed below are all available via the Internet, the CoSPL staff can help you find publications in printed format, too, deliverable to you via interlibrary loan or your closest depository library.

Web site URLs may have changed since the printing of this list. If a web address does not connect, go to and search by subject keyword. As with any use of the Internet by minors under the age of 18, educators and parents may want to monitor children’s use.

· General Information
· Corrections
· Criminal Justice System
· Driving Information
· Education
· Environment/Energy
· Government
· Health
· History
· Kids’ Pages
· Law
· Outdoors and Wildlife
· Social and Mental Health Programs

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