Living With Asthma

If you live in Colorado chances are that you know someone with asthma. Colorado has the second highest prevalence of asthma in the country with an estimated 7.1% of population living with this disease. For more detailed data on such topics as hospitalization, mortality, etc. and for information on what Colorado is doing to improve the lives of those affected, link to the following titles that our library cataloged this month:

Colorado Asthma Surveillance Report, 2004
Hospitalizations for Asthma, 2005
Colorado Asthma Plan: Putting the Pieces Together, 2005

In addition to the above titles, the Colorado Asthma Program in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides a great deal of practical information for anyone needing help living with this disease. You will find information for schools, brochures for people needing help with medications and management, bibliographies for adults and for children, and links to other organizations in Colorado and the U.S. offering assistance.

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  1. Jim without an Inhaler
    Jim without an Inhaler

    DIdn’t know that about Colorado. Many do not know that the best asthma treatments are non-drug.


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