License Plates

You may have noticed that Colorado has quite a few different license plate designs.  Motorists can choose a license plate that reflects their military status, heritage, alma mater, favorite sports team, favorite cause or charity, or just a special designer plate.  For all the available options, along with pictures, see the Colorado Dept. of Revenue’s License Plates page.  Click on the category, such as Military, for all available plate designs.  Plates for sports teams, charities, etc. are listed under the “Group Special” category.  On this website you can also find out about personalized plates (or should it be PL8s?)  and motorcycle/scooter plates.  The website will also link you to all the other information you need about titling and registering a vehicle.  And, if you’re curious just how many people have a certain design of license plate, check out the monthly statistical summary Registered Vehicles by Plate Type, available on our library’s website.  You can find out how unique you can be with a certain plate (only 55 vehicles in Colorado carry the Alive at 25 plate) or other interesting facts (the statistics suggest that Colorado is home to at least 3 Medal of Honor winners and 44 Pearl Harbor survivors).  Finally, check out Colorado License Plate History.  Before 1978, when the validating stickers were introduced, license plates were replaced each year with a new color.  So, what does your plate say about you?