Kindergarten Guidebook

Did you attend kindergarten in Colorado around 1960?  If so, check out the Colorado Dept. of Education’s 1960 Kindergarten Guidebook, which our library has digitized.  This illustrated guidebook with filled with songs, stories and activities should bring back lots of memories…and might give today’s teachers some fun ideas.

The State Publications Library is working hard to digitize as many of its documents as possible.  For more information, including other trips down memory lane, visit our web catalog, which contains links to digital documents where available.

1 thought on “Kindergarten Guidebook

  1. Page 34 explains why they made us take naps in 1960. We had to bring rugs and they forced us to take a nap "in a darkened room", so one of the girls taught me how to fake it. It was quite annoying.

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