Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the U.S.

As the East Coast prepares for Hurricane Sandy, you can read about hurricanes and tropical storms in a number of documents available from our library.  Information about hurricanes in Colorado documents, you say?  The answer is yes.  Colorado’s two major research universities both study hurricanes.  Colorado State University is considered to have one of the nation’s foremost hurricane research programs, the Tropical Meteorology Project.  In August, CSU’s Hurricane Forecast Team issued their predictions for the remainder of the 2012 season, which you can read here.  Their predictions include “a 48% chance that a major hurricane will make landfall on the U.S. coastline.”

The University of Colorado’s Natural Hazards Center, meanwhile, studies the human and sociological impact of all kinds of disasters, including hurricanes.  They publish a number of short research studies; some that relate to hurricanes in the area currently affected by Sandy include:

This is just a sampling; be sure to check our web catalog for more information.