Holding a Raffle

It is important to be aware that raffles must be licensed in Colorado.  According to the Colorado Secretary of State,

ONLY a licensed organization may hold a raffle.
The only organizations qualified to be licensed are: bona-fide religious, charitable, labor, fraternal, educational, voluntary firemen’s or veterans’
organizations, and only if they:
•    have an organization in Colorado
•    operate without profit to their members
•    have been in continuous existence for 5 years immediately prior to the application for a license
•    have a membership engaged in carrying out the purposes of the organization during the entire 5 year period
•    have at least one member who is currently certified or will be certified as a games manager at the time of the issuance of the license

The Secretary of State’s office has a number of resources that can teach your organization how to hold a raffle legally.  First of all, check out their Planning a Raffle guide for the basics.  If you still need more help or information, check out the office’s Bingo and Raffles webpage, which includes a link to consultation services as well as financial information and the state’s official rules.