Governor Calls Special Session

The 2012 session of the Colorado Legislature ended yesterday, but will soon be convening for the first special session since 2006.  Governor Hickenlooper called the special session (or extraordinary session, as they are sometimes known) to deal with several bills that were not heard when the clock ran out, chief among them the bill to create Civil Unions in Colorado, which has been getting much attention.  You can read more about the special session in today’s Denver PostThe date for the special session has not yet been announced but may be this coming Monday, according to the Post.  As always, when the Legislature meets, you can visit for all the information you need.  Because the number of days the Legislature meets during a special session is undetermined, unlike during the regular session, some different rules apply.  If you’re interested in reading about the different rules for special sessions, visit the House and Senate Rules page on the Legislative homepage.