Get Out and Vote

It may not be November, but with the 2006 regular legislative session winding to a close this week, and with city elections being held in many municipalities this May, this is as good a time as any to post a blog about voting in Colorado! The governor’s race is heating up, and ballot issues are already being discussed.

The Colorado Legislature has considered a number of bills this session concerning voting and elections, including bills on absentee ballots (HB06-1012), provisional ballots (HB06-1198), proof of U.S. citizenship to vote (HCR06-1009 and SB06-146), conduct of elections (SB06-170), and others.

CoSPL has a variety of resources on voting and elections, including the HAVA [Help America Vote Act] State Plan; and Abstract of Votes Cast (most years going back to 1892). Also see the Colorado Secretary of State’s “Election Center” website with info on voter registration, rules, statistics, HAVA, and more.