Flu Season

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is warning that this flu season could be more severe than recent years.  According to the Department’s press release, the H3N2 strain of the virus is predominating this year, which in past seasons has been responsible for more severe cases and hospitalizations.  The CDPHE warns that, although the strain is different from that which had been distributed in most flu shots, getting a shot is still your best defense against the flu.  The CDPHE posts influenza data, updated weekly, on their website

If you or a family member does get the flu, be sure to consult the CDPHE’s Home Care Guide for information and tips on how to treat the flu at home.  A print edition of the guide is also available from our library.  And although influenza can affect people of any age, young children and the elderly are the most at risk.  For helpful information on protecting the elderly in nursing facilities see the CDPHE’s Prevention and Control of Influenza Outbreaks in Long-Term Care FacilitiesSearch our library’s web catalog for more influenza resources.