Flashing Yellow Arrow for Left Turns

If you live in Denver, you may have noticed a new type of traffic signal popping up around town — the flashing yellow arrow for left turns.  This yellow arrow is replacing a steady green light for left turns at some intersections, including along Speer Boulevard.  If an arrow is flashing yellow, drivers are required to yield to oncoming traffic before proceeding with a left turn.  Flashing yellow arrows have already been in use for a few years in some Colorado towns and cities outside Denver, including Greeley, Durango, and Estes Park.  If you’ve never seen a flashing yellow arrow before, you might be confused as to what it means.  If so, the Colorado Department of Transportation can help.  Their Traffic Guidelines and Information website includes a publication with diagrams and information on how to proceed through the intersection as well as the difference between a flashing yellow arrow and a steady yellow arrow.