Economic Forecasts

The quarterly economic forecasts were released yesterday by the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) and the Legislative Council.  The December forecasts are important because they are the forecasts referred to for much of the legislation that is introduced from January, the beginning of the legislative session, until March 20 when the next forecasts are released.  The OSPB and Legislative Council forecasts often have slightly different predictions, so it is helpful to compare the two and not just rely on one or the other.  The good news is, both forecasts are showing economic growth in Colorado.

Back issues of the forecasts are available from our library.  Click here for the OSPB forecasts and here for the Legislative Council forecasts.  Additionally, at the end of each year the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business publishes the Colorado Business Economic Outlook, which also contains economic forecasting for the year ahead.  View the just-released 2015 Outlook here, and see back issues here.  If you need an issue of any of the publications listed above and it is not online, check with our library as we have older issues in print.