Did you know that more than 500 earthquakes have occurred in Colorado since 1867? Although our state has not been prone to big quakes like the ones that recently hit Chile and Haiti, we do have about 90 potentially active faults. An interactive map of Colorado earthquakes is available through the Colorado Geological Survey. The map server contains information on individual seismic events, including date, time, magnitude, location and depth of the event when you mouse over one of the earthquake symbols. The Geological Survey also has general information and publications on earthquakes that can be accessed from their Earthquake website.

Another good source of information is the Colorado Earthquake Information site from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management. There are tips on how to be prepared for an earthquake, and a table of past Colorado earthquakes.

A number of studies and reports are also available from our collection at the State Publications Library. Search for “earthquakes” in our online catalog for a list of titles.

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