Dropout Prevention

HB09-1243 addresses Colorado’s high school graduation rates and what can be done to encourage high school students not to drop out. Colorado’s Department of Education and Department of Higher Education, as well as some of the state institutions of higher education, have produced numerous studies and statistical material regarding this topic, including:

  • The Graduation Gap in Colorado: Who is Most Likely to Graduate High School in Colorado (2007)
  • Report to the Colorado General Assembly on the Pilot Program for Teen Pregnancy and Dropout Prevention (2005)
  • Colorado Education Facts (includes statistics on high school graduation rates)
  • Colorado Graduation Rates for Class of … and … Annual Dropout Rates (data from the 1990s)
  • Labor Market Conditions and the High School Dropout Rate: Evidence from New York State (study by the University of Colorado at Denver)
  • Colorado Public School Annual Dropout Rates, Grades 7 through 12 (data from 1990-1991)
  • Colorado Department of Education Dropout Prevention Projects (1988)
  • The Cost of High School Dropouts to the Economic Development of Colorado (1988)
  • Minority Youth Dropouts: Personal, Social, and Institutional Reasons for Leaving School (1986 study by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
  • Colorado Public School Dropout Data (annual reports from the 1960s)
  • Colorado Education Statistics