Do You Have What it Takes to be a State Trooper?

If you’ve ever wondered how much training it takes to become a law enforcement officer, look no further than the Colorado State Patrol. On their website, you can follow along with their Academy Cadet Class 2011-1 as they learn the skills needed to become a State Trooper. See how they start off with physical training on Day One – and continue with physical training for the first 8 weeks. It’s not until Week 9 that they learn to use their firearms, and by week 12, you can watch how they’re using them in mock building searches; under week 12 you can also follow along as they learn to drive the patrol cars. This Cadet Scrapbook is a fun way to see what’s really involved in training for law enforcement, both for those considering a career in the field, or citizens who are just interested in a look behind the scenes. If you find that you are interested in becoming a State Trooper, you can visit the State Patrol’s recruitment page to find out more.